Bare Tools

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Compare Image Model # Name Spindle Size Battery Type Wheel Diameter
PC18AG 18V Bare Cut-Off Tool/Angle Grinder 7/8 " Lithium Ion or NiCd 4-1/2" "
PC18AL 18V Bare Area Light      
PC18CHD 18V Bare 1/2" Hammer Drill   Lithium  
PC18CSL 18V Bare Circular Saw with Laser   Lithium Ion and NiCD  
PC18DS 18V Bare Detail Sander   Lithium Ion or NiCd  
PC18FL 18V Bare Pivoting Flashlight      
PC18HV 18V Bare Hand Vac   Lithium Ion or NiCd  
PC18ID 18V Bare Impact Driver   Lithium Ion or NiCd  
PC18JR 18V Bare Cordless/120V AC Corded Jobsite Radio      
PC18JS 18V Bare Jigsaw      
PC18RS 18V Bare Reciprocating Saw      
PC18SS 18V Bare Rotary Saw      
PCC475B 18V Bare CLAMPSAW Pivoting Reciprocating Saw      
PCC520B 18V Bare Two-Speed Close Quarters Drill   Lithium Ion or NiCd  
PCC581B 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer      
PCC582B 9V Alkaline Infrared Thermometer      
PCC583B 18V Bare Inflator   Lithium Ion or NiCd