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24" Omnijig Joinery System®


The 77240 includes 77240 Jig Base, 24" Variable Finger Template (77241), Instructional DVD featuring Norm Abram, Left and Right Template Stops - A4, B1 & C1, Dovetail Bit - D4, Straight Bit - S2, 7 Template Guides - G0, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5 & G6, Router Bit Depth Gauge, Dovetail Set-Up Guide, Square Screwdriver, Wrench, 2 O-Rings.


  • View Product and Instructional Videos

  • Adjustable finger template enables user to cut variable-spaced half-blind and through dovetails

  • Fixed-space template enables half-blind dovetails to be cut with a single pass of the router

  • Adjustable, split finger design allows user to change both position and width of pins for chosen joint style

  • Pre-assembled and factory set to minimize user set-up time

  • Durable base design allows for clamping or bolting directly onto work bench

  • Clear and concise on-board instructions guide the user through the various applications, significantly reducing the need to refer to instruction manual

  • Dovetail 'Recipe' card clearly details the components required for each application and material thickness

  • "Set & Forget" template positioning stops and router bit depth gauges minimize test cuts and provide repeatability across applications

  • Router bit depth gauges allow user to quickly and accurately set the depth without taking measurements

  • Stabilizer bar enhances router control while deflecting chips downward for a cleaner work environment

  • Single-hand clamping system allows for easy positioning of wood on jig

  • Machined, textured surfaces provide excellent grip on wood during operation when used in conjunction with steel clamping mechanism

  • Durable steel and alloy construction provides longevity

  • Instructional DVD featuring Norm Abram provides additional support for user

  • Versatile system also allows for miniature dovetails, box joints and sliding tapered dovetails with additional accessories (sold separately)

  • Component storage case and dust shroud also available as accessories (sold separately)

  • Capacity in Wood: 1/8 - 1-1/2" "

  • Length: 43.875 "

  • Height: 13.5 "

  • Depth: 18.5 "

  • Weight: 66 lbs