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Compare Image Model # Name Magazine Capacity Firing Modes Jam Clearance Operating Pressure Fastener Type
MS200 16 ga. Medium Crown Stapler Kit 150 Selectable trigger - restrictive or contact actuation mode Lever Type Quick Release Nose 70 - 120 psi 16 ga. 7/16" Crown Staple
PN350 Mini Impact Palm Nailer   Multi Blow-2300 BPM@100psi   50-120 psi  
PN650 Palm Nailer Kit   Multi Blow-2300 BPM@100psi   50-120 psi  
US58 22 Ga. 3/8" Upholstery Stapler 185 Trigger   70 - 120 psi 22 ga. 3/8" Crown Staple