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Porter-Cable Peak 2 HP Plunge Router Touts Simpler Height Adjustments & Bit Changes During Under-The-Table Applications

Porter-Cable Peak 2 HP Plunge Router Touts Simpler Height Adjustments & Bit Changes During Under-The-Table Applications

JUNE 20, 2002 – NEW YORK, NY – Porter-Cable demonstrated a much simpler method of making precision height adjustments and bit changes while using a router table during a press conference today at the Hotel InterContinental in New York City. Woodworking Product Manager Mark Woodlief said, “The new model 8529 combines old-fashioned common sense with the widest array of features available in a plunge router.” Its standout feature is a first-of-its-kind above-table height calibration dial, which allows users to adjust the router to tolerances as precise as 1/128². The hex-shaped dial, which attaches and removes quickly, fits through the top of any standard router table to connect to the model 8529’s plunge post. “This provides the fastest and most convenient router table depth setting mechanism ever offered to woodworkers,” said Woodlief.

Porter-Cable’s new peak 2 HP plunge router touts a micro height adjustment that is precise enough to route within any application’s most exacting tolerances. Woodlief explained, “It works perfectly in free-hand applications as well as under-the-table projects.” A full 2-1/2² adjustable plunge depth enables precise adjustments without removing the router from the work. Thanks to the new above table height calibration dial, this is most beneficial in under-the-table applications because all depth adjustments can be made with the turn of a single knob. The model 8529’s free-turning micrometer ring allows the user to fine-tune to less than 1/128² for precise cuts; one full-turn of the knob lowers the bit 1/8² (the above-table router height calibration dial includes this same micrometer ring). Another attractive feature is the ability to perform bit changes from the top of the router table while the model 8529 is installed.

With a 12-amp, peak 2 HP motor, the model 8529 stacks up as the most powerful mid-size plunge router in the market. It offers a variable speed range between 10,000 and 23,000 rpm as well as a soft-start feature that provides added control when turning on the tool. Another feature that distinguishes the model 8529 is the ability to turn the motor on and off conveniently from the side during both under-the-table use and free-hand applications. Unlike the earlier version of a 2 HP plunge router, Porter-Cable has conveniently positioned a toggle switch at the thumb of the handles, which makes the on/off tool actuation require only one finger during any application.

With an integrated dust collection system, Porter-Cable’s new plunge router has the capability to lift dust from the work during any application. Without limiting the line of sight, debris is pulled through an opening in the router base and channeled to a hose, which exits on top of the base in front of the router’s right handle. Additionally, this unit offers a dust deflector/vacuum attachment to accept a vacuum hose from the side of the tool for added flexibility. Its dust collection cover, which fits over the router base opening, not only provides unparalleled dust collection efficiency, it also prevents contaminates from falling into the motor housing during under-the-table applications.

Bit changes are made simple with the new model 8529. Thanks to the its unique off-set wrench design and easy access spindle lock, the router allows for a full 360° turn of the collet, which simplifies bit changes during freehand applications. In addition, the ability to stand freely when turned upside-down, an age-old signature feature of Porter-Cable routers, has not been forgotten. Users can simply pull away the chip shield, flip the unit upside-down, and turn the wrench to change a bit. Its sub-base offers a large 3-1/2² diameter hole for larger bits as well as a templet guide adapter for use with any Porter-Cable templet guides. This benefit eliminates the need to switch sub-bases each time the user changes bits.

The model 8529 comes complete with two collets (1/4² and 1/2²), a dust collection fixture for mounting into the base, a chip shield, one off-set wrench, the dust deflector and an operator’s manual (which includes a template for drilling a 3/8² hole to accommodate the above table height calibration dial). It should be available in October and is expected to sell for approximately $219. Additionally, the above table height calibration dial is sold separately as part of a router table accessory kit (model 75301) for approximately $20.

In order to support existing owners of the model 7529 router (the model 8529’s predecessor), a retrofit kit for above table height adjustments can be installed at your nearest Porter-Cable service branch for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling. In addition to service and parts, the upgrade includes the above table height calibration dial, two off-set wrenches, and a template for drilling a hole in the router table.

Porter-Cable Corporation (, a subsidiary of Pentair, Inc. (NYSE – PNR), is a leading manufacturer of portable electric and cordless power tools; air nailers, staplers, & compressors; generators; pressure washers; and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing, and electrical markets. With its manufacturing operation centralized in Jackson, TN, Porter-Cable operates a second manufacturing facility in Steinheim, Germany, where its products are produced and sold throughout Europe under the FLEX brand name.

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