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DELTA Machinery Introduces Line of Premium Woodworking Saw Blades

DELTA Machinery Introduces Line of Premium Woodworking Saw Blades

DELTA Machinery announced today the introduction of a complete line of more than 30 premium-carbide woodworking saw blades. The saw blades are engineered and manufactured in DELTA’s state-of-the-art facility in Maltby, United Kingdom, and the line is composed of saw blades for a range of woodworking applications. Incorporating C4 micro-grain carbide, laser-cut hardened steel plates and best-in-class quality control, DELTA® saw blades are made to accommodate the needs and requirements of the professional woodworker.

“DELTA Machinery is known for quality, professional woodworking tools. Our new line of premium woodworking saw blades reflect the tradition, experience and heritage of the DELTA brand,” stated Adam McNeill, product manager for woodworking accessories of DELTA Machinery. “By using premium carbide we are able to achieve tooth geometries, and a level of sharpness that allows the blade to consistently produce smoother, more accurate cuts than traditional woodworking saw blades.”

The diameter and tooth count of each blade is laser etched directly onto the saw blade along with the blade’s hook angle and grind geometry, in order to easily accommodate re-sharpening. The packaging of each saw blade simplifies the selection process for customers by identifying the applications, materials and power tools for which each saw blade is designed to be used.

The new DELTA® saw blade line consists of 31 blades ranging in diameter from 8 ½-inches to 15 inches, and includes several dado sets. Each saw blade is customized for certain applications and materials including soft woods and hard woods, plywood, particle board, MDF (medium density fiber core hardwood plywood), plastics, melamines, veneer laminates, Corian® and Nevamar®. The saw blades will be available for purchase in January 2007 and range in price from $45.99 to $149.99 each.

About DELTA Machinery

With nearly 90 years of experience, DELTA Machinery has earned its place as a market leader in stationary power tools and equipment. The company designs and manufactures the world's most complete line of woodworking machinery, stationary equipment and related accessories for use in home workshops, building and construction trades, industry and schools. For more information about DELTA® Machinery brand woodworking tools call 1-800-223-7278 or visit