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Porter-Cable Introduces Razor Variable Tooth Carbide Circular Saw Blades

Porter-Cable Introduces Razor Variable Tooth Carbide Circular Saw Blades

JACKSON, Tenn., September 9, 2003 – Porter-Cable brings contractors the most advanced saw blade technology available with the launch of the new line of Razor Variable Tooth Carbide circular saw blades. These new thin kerf blades are designed to meet all the contractor’s cutting needs by providing accelerated cut speed, smoother cuts and more work life. Razor Variable Tooth Carbide saw blades also cut more quietly than conventional carbide blades, and require less effort from the user.

These benefits are achieved by combining series of fast-cutting teeth with series of smooth-cutting teeth. The two different series of teeth work in conjunction, allowing the blade to cut significantly faster and more cleanly than conventional blades, with a more productive work life.

While Variable Tooth saw blade design is new to consumer markets, it has an established and proven history in the industrial sector. This technology was developed in sawmills and high production factories to gain cutting speed, cleaner cut edges, less cut noise and longer life.

Porter-Cable has improved upon this design and added several features to enhance all aspects of blade performance. These blades have a laser-cut plate for tighter tolerances and more precision, and are made of stronger, fully hardened and flattened steel for increased plate strength, more rigidity and less deflection.

The thin kerf C3 micrograin tungsten carbide tips work tough and are razor-sharp. The tips are ground on state-of-the-art sharpeners with very tight tolerances held tooth to tooth. In addition, the asymmetrical tooth spacing disrupts the harmonics, so the blade cuts more quietly. Razor blades also have a new anti-kick tooth design that works as a raker tooth to clean the cut while preventing dangerous kickback.

In testing against competitive 7 1/4" blades, the Razor Framer, on average, cut one and a half times faster, and provided one and a half times the work life.

The increased speed allows the blade to cut with noticeably less effort than competitive blades. This benefit is also a plus for DIYers, as it makes it easier to cut straight lines.

The new line of Razor Variable Tooth Carbide circular saw blades is manufactured in North Carolina by Oldham Saw. Oldham has been manufacturing saw blades since 1857.

Razor Variable Tooth Carbide saw blades are available in 7 1/4", 10" and 12" diameters for use on portable saws, table saws and miter saws.

Oldham Saw is part of the Pentair (NYSE: PNR) Tools Group, which includes Porter-Cable/Delta and DeVilbiss Air Power Company. Oldham Saw designs and manufactures circular saw blades, router bits and related power tool accessories for the do-it-yourself and professional power tool markets. Sold under the Oldham®, Viper®, United States Saw® and Hickory Woodworking® brand names, the company’s products go to market via the home center, lumberyard and hardware channels. Oldham’s private label products are sold to leading power tool manufacturers, including Pentair’s Porter-Cable and Delta units. The business is based in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Porter-Cable/Delta is a leading manufacturer of portable electric and cordless power tools, air nailers/compressors, woodworking equipment, and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing and electrical markets. Porter-Cable/Delta operates manufacturing facilities in Jackson, Tennessee and Steinheim, Germany, where its products are produced and sold throughout Europe under the FLEX brand name. The Group also operates in Taiwan and China via a joint venture.