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PORTER-CABLE Introduces Woodworking Nailers and Staplers

JACKSON, Tenn. (May 20, 2008) PORTER-CABLE unveils a new line of six pneumatic woodworking nailer and stapler kits offering a maintenance-free motor design and innovative on-board features to deliver consistent performance and long life.

Designed with an oil-free motor, the new nailers and staplers reduce the possibility of work surface contamination and promote hassle-free operation. The maintenance-free motor design utilizes a dual-stack ring design and an internal piston catch. The dual-stack design consists of an outer ring to reduce friction and increase surface contact, while the inner ring maintains a proper seal against the cylinder. By holding the piston at the highest position in the cylinder, the piston catch ensures accurate nail setting and maximum power on each shot. 


The PORTER-CABLE® 18-gauge brad nailers and narrow crown staplers offer a rear exhaust port to further help keep contaminants away from the work surface; a tool-free depth-of-drive feature with detents to precisely set nail heads and staples; and a tool-free adjustable belt clip for hands-free carrying when not in use. A reload indicator, located on the magazine, also shows when the nailers and staplers are running low on fasteners. 

            To ensure efficient operation over the life of the nailer, the 1-3/8 inch brad nailer (model BN138) and 2-inch brad nailer (model BN200B) offer a tool-free jam release mechanism. If jams should occur, the mechanism allows for the easy removal of materials from the exposed nose.

The 1-inch narrow crown stapler (model NS100B) and 1-1/2 inch narrow crown stapler (model NS150B) are upgraded with a fully-enclosed magazine for added protection. In addition, the NS150B comes with a selectable trigger that results in quick transitions between different applications. The trigger switches between sequential (single fire) and bump (multiple fire) modes.

The 18-gauge brad nailers and narrow crown staplers are ideal for installing molding and interior trim, wall paneling, hardwood flooring, cabinets, frames and assembling drawers. The brad nailer kits, models BN138 and BN200B, are currently available for $79 and $99, and the narrow crown stapler kits, models NS100B and NS150B, are available for $89 and $109.


The PORTER-CABLE® 16-gauge, 2-1/2 inch finish nailer (model FN250C) and
15-gauge, 2-1/2 inch angle finish nailer (model DA250C) feature a tool-free adjustable exhaust port and a “Load & Lock” easy-loading magazine system. The “Load & Lock” system consists of inserting the nails into the rear of the magazine and then sliding the pusher back to engage the nails.

Designed with an angle magazine, the 15-gauge angle finish nailer allows users to maneuver in tight spaces and eliminates magazine interference during the installation of crown molding. The nailer offers added holding power for larger, heavier molding and trim by using a 15-gauge nail.

For ease of use, both finish nailers are also equipped with a tool-free jam release mechanism, a depth-of-drive feature and an adjustable belt clip. 

Ideal for installing interior trim, door and window casings, paneling, cabinets, staircases and hardwood flooring, the finish nailer kits, models FN250C and DA250C, will be available for purchase in June 2008 for $169 and $189.

 The new pneumatic woodworking nailer and stapler kits include 1,000 fasteners, a 1/4-inch air fitting, safety glasses and a carrying case.

About PORTER-CABLE and DELTA Machinery

With a combined 189 years of woodworking experience, PORTER-CABLE and DELTA Machinery design and manufacture the industry’s most complete line-up of portable, stationary and benchtop woodworking power tools, equipment and related accessories for professional woodworkers. Together, the brands have a history of industry-changing innovation, including introducing the world’s first helical drive circular saw, first hand-held belt sander, first motorized miter saw, first portable belt sander, and first 10-inch tilting arbor saw.

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