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DELTA® and PORTER-CABLE® will demonstrate tool breadth and industry expertise with eight new tools on display during the 2005 International Builders’ Show on Jan. 13 through Jan. 16 at booth W921 in the Orange County Convention Center located in Orlando, Fla. DELTA® will introduce a new 10-inch compound miter saw and planer, and exhibit the Hybrid-Style Cabinet Saw, pneumatic nailers and staplers, and air filtration and dust collection systems, while PORTER-CABLE® will showcase its new dovetail machines and 10-inch TWINLASER® compound miter saw.

The Delta Machinery 10-inch compound miter saw, model MS265, is designed to cut aluminum, plastic and wood. The miter saw has a patented trigger-controlled miter index mechanism for compound angle and bevel cutting, a built-in arbor lock to facilitate easy blade changes, and a bevel scale with adjustable positive stops at zero and 45 degrees. The 15-amp, 120-volt motor with an electric blade brake allows the user to make cuts safely, easily and accurately. The saw is equipped with a 40-tooth carbide-tipped premium blade and can be used with the universal mobile stand (model 36-136). The MS265 is currently available for approximately $154.

The new 12 1/2-inch portable planer, model TP305, is ideal for workpieces up to 12 1/2 inches (317mm) wide and 6 inches (152mm) thick. The high-speed steel, double-edge, reversible knives enable the user to get twice the life out of the knives. The two-knife, quick change, solid steel cutterhead mounted on ball bearings provides the user smooth operation while cutting wood, and the patented cutterhead elevation allows for consistent cut stability. The TP305 is equipped with a 15-amp, 120-volt motor, adjustable infeed and outfeed tables, an easy-to-read English/metric scale and a wood return roller. The TP305 will be available in February 2005 for approximately $205.

The quality associated with the DELTA® CONTRACTOR’S SAW® line has been used to create a line of left-tilt Hybrid-Style Cabinet Saws, the 36-714 family, which will be represented at the show. The new saws have an enclosed base with an integrated dust chute to provide effective dust collection. The dust chute is removable making it easy to bolt the saw to the floor.

The 1 3/4 HP motor is fully enclosed in the cabinet underneath the table, reducing the overall footprint of the unit, and is attached to the tabletop enabling the user to move the saw without impacting the blade alignment. There also is a motor-reset button located on the switch box instead of the motor, and a hinged motor cover to allow easy access to the motor.

Each left-tilt Hybrid-Style Cabinet Saw also has a push-button switch with a paddle over the off button for quick, easy access, and foot levelers allowing for up to a 1-inch adjustment to provide custom leveling on uneven surfaces. The saws come with one of three different 30-inch fence options including the DELTA® T2-30, UNIFENCE® U30 and BIESEMEYER® BC30. The new line of saws will be available the first quarter 2005 starting at approximately $799.

Ideal for furniture assembly, molding and interior trim, hardwood flooring, paneling, cabinets and craft projects, the new line of nailers and staplers includes the 1 1/4-inch brad nailer (model DBN125), the two-in-one nailer and stapler (model DBS125), the 1-inch narrow crown stapler (model DNS100) and the 1 1/4-inch brad nailer and compressor combo kit (model CFDBN125). The nailers come equipped with a tool-free depth adjustment for proper setting of nail heads in the work piece, a tool-free 360-degree adjustable exhaust to direct air-flow in the desired direction, a sequential trigger to deliver only one nail at a time and a jam release mechanism to clear problem nails. Equipped with a removable non-marring nose tip that protects against tool marks on the work surface, and a low nail indicator enables the user to easily determine when nail replacement is needed. Each nailer also includes a 1/4-inch quick connect with a dust cap, oil and a storage case.

The DBN125 uses 3/8-inch to 1 1/4-inch, 18-gauge brad nails and is packaged with 1,000 fasteners of 1 1/4-inch in length. The DBS125 uses the same size brad nails as the DBN125 as well as 1/4-inch crown 18-gauge staples from 1/2-inch to 1-inch, and is packaged with 1,000 1 1/4-inch brad nails and 1,000 1-inch staples. The DNS100 uses 3/8-inch to 1-inch, 18-gauge narrow crown staples. The DBN125, DNS100 and DBS125 are currently available for approximately $69, $69 and $99 respectively.

The 1 1/4-inch brad nailer and compressor combo kit, CFDBN125, provides everything the do-it-yourselfer needs to get started. The combo kit includes the DBN125 brad nailer and a CP200 compressor that is very quiet (75 dBA), has a 2-gallon air tank, is very lightweight and operates at 100 psi. The attractive, yet functional shroud has a built-in handle to aid in mobility, built-in cord wrap and an accessory storage compartment with a lid. The pump is oil-free for durability and low maintenance, and the regulator and two air pressure gauges allow for proper matching of air pressure to an application. The combo kit also includes a 25-foot coil air hose, an eight-piece inflation kit and an interactive CD-ROM with 15 do-it-yourself woodworking projects. The CFDBN125 is currently available for approximately $159.

DELTA® also will highlight its new dust collection and air purification systems used to filter the air in home and professional workshops. The new dust collectors, models 50-760, 50-761, 50-762, 50-763, 50-764 and 50-765, come equipped with a 1 micron filtration bag with a dust
intake which can be configured to face up or down. Quick snap-in bag rings are easy to install and eliminate the cumbersome task of attaching metal cam-over-lock style straps. The units come in one box and can be assembled easily. Model selection is contingent on the dust collection needs of the workspace.

Model 50-760 weighs 100 pounds and has a 1 1/2 HP, 120 volt to 240 volt, single-phase induction motor. The unit has a filter bag area of 20 1/2 square feet and filters 1,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM). With the ability to filter 2,100 CFM and a filter bag area of 41 square feet, model 50-761 weighs 132 pounds and has a 2 HP, 230 volt, single-phase induction motor. Models 50-762 and 50-763 weigh 186 pounds, have a filter bag area of more than 57 square feet and filter 2,700 CFM. Model 50-762 has a 3 HP, 230 volt to 460 volt, three-phase induction motor, and model 50-763 has a 3 HP, 230 volt, single phase motor. Models 50-760, 50-761, 50-762 and 50-763 were available in September 2004 for approximately $309, $599, $769 and $799 respectively.

With the ability to filter 4,800 CFM and a filter bag area of more than 140 square feet, models 50-764 and 50-765 weigh 260 pounds. Model 50-764 has a 5 HP, three-phase induction motor, and model 50-765 has a 5 HP, one-phase induction motor. Models 50-764 and 50-765 are currently available for approximately $1,159 and $1,199 respectively.

The Porter-Cable Corporation will show its new 4200 series dovetail jigs used on woodworking projects requiring dovetail joints like drawers, chests and jewelry boxes. Designed for woodworking craftsmen, the new dovetail jigs, models 4210 and 4212, make it easy for users to create joints. The dovetail jigs are fully assembled from the factory and include a router bit, templet guides and a lock nut.

The patented alignment-lines on each templet provide a guide for easy wood positioning, while the cam locks hold the wood in place. The cam-locking bars are on both the vertical and horizontal face to ensure there is no slippage of the wood during cuts. The patented router bit height-stop makes setting the depth of the router bit simple, and the offset-positioning guides enable the user to cut half-blind dovetails in one pass.

The wide range capability of the 4200 series dovetail jigs allow the user to cut a variety of dovetail joints into a piece of wood measuring 1/4-inch to 1 1/4-inch thick and up to 12-inches wide. Model 4210 is a basic dovetail jig and will cut joints half-blind, rabbeted half-blind and dovetail dadoes. The more deluxe dovetail jig, model 4212, will cut half-blind, rabbeted half-blind, through, box and dovetail dadoes.

The base of each dovetail jig is made of 1/8-inch steel, and all the templets are CNC machined from solid aluminum. The tabs have pre-drilled holes allowing for easy mounting. The 4210 and 4212 are currently available for approximately $119 and $149 respectively.

The 3700L incorporates the TWINLASER® system and has a powerful 15-amp, 120-volt motor (5,000 rpm) with electric blade brake. The easy-grip horizontal handle with trigger switch helps the user cut wood comfortably. Quick tilt settings are simple due to a large bevel scale with adjustable positive stops at zero degrees and 45 degrees. Other lock features include a quick-action miter lock for faster miter settings and a built-in arbor lock for smooth, single wrench blade changes. The miter scale also features nine positive stops for extremely accurate cuts.

The miter saw has a large machined extension table to aid in in-feed support and a tall sliding fence to provide additional work-piece support. Ideal for cross-cutting a 2-inch by 4-inch or 2-inch by 6-inch piece of wood, or mitering a 2-inch by 4-inch flat or at a 45-degree angle, the 3700L uses a Riptide® 40-tooth carbide-tipped premium blade. Also included with the 3700L is a horizontal work clamp, a dust bag for collection of saw dust and small woodchips, and a blade wrench. The 3700L was available in the fourth quarter of 2004 for approximately $199.

PORTER-CABLE® also will have several one-of-a-kind products on display, including the High Pressure Framing Nailer Kit (CLFCP350) with the first ever 175 PSI Nailer and associated compressor, JOB BOSS™ air compressors that offer the professional user the ultimate in handling ease and protection, and QUIK-CHANGE™ MAG-SAW™ Kits with the first-ever keyless-blade change capability.

In addition to the new tools featured at the booth, there will be product displays and demonstrations, including the Rawlings® Making the Game team turning bats, at booth W921. There also will be a guest appearance by Scott Phillips, host of “The American Woodshop” on Thursday, Jan. 13 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, Jan. 14 from 9 a.m. to noon, and
Steve Watson, host of “Monster House” on Saturday, Jan. 15 from 10 a.m. to noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.. DELTA® and PORTER-CABLE® also will have representatives available to provide product detail and answer questions.

With 185 years of combined experience, Delta Machinery and Porter-Cable Corporation are the leading manufacturers and marketers of the world’s most comprehensive line of woodworking tools and accessories including air compressors, air-filtration systems, cordless tools, generators, planers, pneumatic tools, sanders and table saws for use in both professional and home workshops. On the leading edge of innovation, DELTA® introduced the world’s first hand-operated scroll, 10-inch tilting arbor and motorized miter saw, while PORTER-CABLE® introduced the world’s first helical drive circular saw, orbital sander, portable band saw and portable belt sander. For more information about DELTA® or PORTER-CABLE® call
800-223-7278 or visit or