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JACKSON, Tenn. (Feb. 13, 2008) – In 1989, PORTER-CABLE introduced its first joinery system to help woodworkers produce dovetail joints easier and faster than before.  In keeping with its history of innovation, PORTER-CABLE unveils the OMNIJIG Joinery System, with 16-inch (model 55160) and 24-inch (model 77240) versions. 

The new OMNIJIG Joinery System offers a variety of applications and a host of innovative features to further enhance the user experience. The jigs offer patent-pending features such as “set and forget” template positioning stops and router bit depth gauges to ensure quick and easy setup, as well as repeatability across changing joint styles. This saves woodworkers time and materials by ensuring they spend time cutting joints instead of setting up and making test cuts. While these features are pre-set to obtain a particular board fit, they can each be easily adjusted to meet specific user requirements. Once set, the jigs are able to create the same finish again and again.

While a detailed instruction manual is included with the jigs, color-coded, on-board instruction labels provide clear and concise direction for each cut to be made – minimizing the need to refer to the manual once the user is familiar with the jig.

Both systems are fully assembled from the factory and can be clamped or bolted directly to the work bench. Heavy-duty steel clamping bars and machined, textured aluminum surfaces combine to ensure the material stays in place during operation, while the aluminum bases provide enhanced stability. Furthermore, the jigs offer single-lever clamp handles to keep one hand free for positioning the wood.

Both the 16-inch and 24-inch systems are supported by a full range of accessories to allow for similar levels of versatility.

24-Inch, Model 77240

            With a variable finger template provided as standard equipment, the 24-inch OMNIJIG Joinery System, model 77240, is ideal for making unique, custom joint styles or replicating the traditional hand-cut dovetails of yesteryear. The jig provides the ability to cut a wide variety of joints, including variable, through and half-blind cuts, as well as fixed-spaced, half-blind dovetails with a single pass of the router in boards up to 24 inches wide.

The jig is also capable of, but not limited to, sliding-tapered dovetails, miniature variable-spaced dovetails, box joints and miniature box joints with additional accessories.  

The OMNIJIG Joinery System, model 77240, will be available in February 2008 for approximately $599.

16-Inch, Model 55160

            The 16-inch OMNIJIG Joinery System, model 55160, is ideal for users that require fixed-spaced, half-blind joints such as those found in many furniture drawers and sliding-tapered dovetails that might be found in shelving. The 16-inch model includes a fixed-finger template which saves time through its capability to cut both boards (pins and tails) in a single pass of the router, while its sliding dovetail function includes a tapered design to ease the assembly of the tenon and dado boards.

Similar to the 24-inch model, accessories are available for the 16-inch model to create variable miniature, through and half-blind dovetails, as well as box joints and miniature box joints.

            The OMNIJIG Joinery System, model 55160, will be available in February 2008 for approximately $429.

            Both models include a stabilizer bar/chip deflector to prevent the router from tipping during operation, while at the same time directing dust downward for a cleaner work environment. An OMNIJIG® instructional DVD, featuring Norm Abram, host of the“The New Yankee Workshop,” also comes with each unit.

In addition to the accessories offered to expand the application capacity of the OMNIJIG Joinery System, a storage box accommodating the smaller system components such as router bits, template positioning stops, depth gauges and template guides is available, as well as 16-inch and 24-inch dust shrouds that attach directly to the OMNIJIG® and provide efficient dust removal via a 4-inch port.

About PORTER-CABLE and DELTA Machinery

With a combined 189 years of woodworking experience, PORTER-CABLE and DELTA Machinery design and manufacture the industry’s most complete line-up of portable, stationary and benchtop woodworking power tools, equipment and related accessories for professional woodworkers. Together, the brands have a history of industry-changing innovation, including introducing the world’s first helical drive circular saw, first hand-held belt sander, first motorized miter saw, first portable belt sander, and first 10-inch tilting arbor saw.

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