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ANAHEIM, Calif. (July 31, 2003) – Standards in sawing capacity reached new heights today as Delta Machinery introduced the industry’s only 12” miter saw capable of cutting 9 ¼” baseboard and 7 ¾” crown molding. In addition to this unique 12” dual bevel miter saw (model 36-412), Delta diversified its miter saw line with a new 12” single bevel miter saw (model 36-312) and a new 10” dual bevel miter saw (36-585). Delta Machinery will be showcasing more than 100 tools including its new miter saws, Delta X5 series and lathes at Booth 2801 during the AWFS® Fair from July 31 through Aug. 3 in Anaheim, Calif.

“The benefits and capabilities offered by the 36-412 are unprecedented in the miter saw market,” said Mark Keller, product manager for Delta Machinery. “The saw not only maximizes sawing capacity, it also allows more work near the blade and has an innovative fence system for sawing consistency and ease-of-use regardless of material. The three new miter saws extend our line and enable Delta to offer woodworkers of varying skill levels the tool they need and want.”

The 12” dual bevel miter saw utilizes the industries first vertical miter saw motor, rear blade access, secondary blade guard, and blade and motor orientation for unsurpassed sawing capacity. Several patent pending features including two-point squeeze-release sliding fences, integrated flip-up crown molding stops, and front bevel lock with five adjustable positive stops provide easy, fast and accurate sawing. The Quick-action cam-lock miter lock and lightweight construction with cast handle make the 36-412 extremely adjustable and portable. The 36-412 uses a 15 amp, 120 volt (3,500 rpm) motor and 60T carbide-tipped blade for sawing capacities of 2.5” x 9 ¼” with crosscut, 6 ½” x 2 ½” with miter at 45º, 2” x 10” with bevel at 45º, and 6 ½” x 1 ½” with compound. Model 36-412 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2003 for approximately $399.

The 12” single bevel miter saw (36-312) features a front bevel lock with adjustable positive stops at 0º, 33.9º and 45º with large readable scale, squeeze-release fence and Quick-action cam-lock miter knob with nine positive dents for accuracy and adjustability with any lumber. A large rear cutout, 15 amp, 120 volt (3,500 rpm) motor, and 40T carbide-tipped blade allows the 36-312 maximum cutting capacities of 7 ¾” for crown molding and 6 ½” for baseboard. Model 36-312 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2003 for approximately $299.

With 15 amp, 120 volt (3,500 rpm) motor, 40 T carbide-tipped blade, two cam-over sliding fences, front bevel lock, and extensions and clamps, the 36-585 is a fully featured premium 10” dual bevel miter saw for the professional users. This is currently available for approximately $249.

“Delta has long been recognized as a leader in the miter saw category and the new continue to prove this,” said Keller. “We have applied our expertise in designing the 36-412 and 36-312 to satisfy a clear consumer need for increased variety and quality. Delta is the only manufacturer in the industry that offers such a breadth of miter saws.”

Delta also will highlight its new Delta X5 series and partnership with Rawlings® at the AWFS Fair. The recently introduced Delta X5 series offers consumers 16 special edition industrial tools with an unprecedented five-year warranty and X-treme Savings Book worth more than $2,000. The series includes five Unisaws®, two Contractor’s Saws®, 14-inch band saw, drum sander, heavy-duty shaper, 16-inch steel-bed lathe, 15-inch planer, 12-inch radial arm saw, 8-inch precision jointer, 6-inch professional jointer and 16½-inch variable speed drill press. Delta’s premium wood lathes, models 46-745 and 46-746, are being used by expert woodworkers to turn bats at five major league baseball parks and a Six Flags amusement park as part of the Rawlings® Making the Game exhibits during the 2003 season.

In addition to product displays and demonstrations at Booth 2801, Delta Machinery also will have representatives available to provide product detail and answer questions.


Headquartered in Jackson, Tenn., Delta Machinery, a subsidiary of Pentair Inc. (NYSE: PNR), is the leading manufacturer of the world’s most complete line of woodworking machinery, stationary equipment, and related accessories for use in home workshops, building and construction trades, industry and schools. With its manufacturing operation centralized in Tupelo, Miss., Delta Machinery owns and operates a subsidiary, Biesemeyer, located in Mesa, Ariz.