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JACKSON, Tenn. (Sept. 15, 2003) – The recognized leader in the miter saw category, Delta Machinery has entered the 12” market with a comprehensive line of miter saws for users with varying demands and skill levels. Last year, Delta made a statement with the introduction of its one-of-a-kind 12” TWINLASER compound miter saw with laser (model 36-255L). This year’s recent additions of a 12” dual bevel miter saw (model 36-412), a 12” single bevel miter saw (model 36-312) and 12” compound miter saw (model MS450) have served to strengthened Delta’s standing in the category.

“It was a seamless and natural progression to take our 10” miter saw experience and credibility to become a dominate player in the 12” category,” said Mark Keller, Delta Machinery miter saws product manager. “We have been able to develop an innovative 12” miter saw family that offers a wide array of features and benefits to meet the demands of any job. In addition to a vast selection of features, consumers also have the comfort of knowing they are working with the most durable and reliable miter saws on the market. In fact, Delta is so excited about the line that we are currently offering a $50 rebate on all four 12” miter saws. Once people try the saws, we are confident we will have won another loyal Delta customer.”

The miter saw of the future, the 36-412 changes the perspective on the capabilities of a 12” miter saw. The 36-412 utilizes the industry’s first vertical miter saw motor, secondary blade guard, and a patented blade and motor orientation to give unsurpassed sawing capacity. Several patent pending features including two-point, squeeze-release sliding fences, integrated flip-up crown molding stops, and front bevel lock with five adjustable positive stops provide easy, fast and accurate sawing. The Quick-action cam-lock miter lock and lightweight construction with cast handle make the 36-412 extremely adjustable and portable. The 36-412 uses a 15 amp, 120 volt (3,500 rpm) motor and an anti-abrasive 60T carbide-tipped blade for sawing capacities of 9 ¼” base board, 7 ¼” crown molding, and nominal 4”x 6”s and 2”x 10”s. Model 36-412 will be available in November for approximately $399 ($349 with the introductory $50 rebate from Delta).

Beginning with a powerful 15 amp, 120 volt motor (3,500 rpm), the model 36-255L offers the maximum cutting power available in the market. The 36-255L is the only TWINLASER saw on the market. It is truly the most accurate and versatile laser system available. A large bevel scale and miter lock design provides speed and convenience. Quick tilt settings are simple because of a large bevel scale with adjustable positive stops at 0º and 45º. Other features include a quick-action miter lock for faster miter settings and a built-in arbor lock for smooth, single wrench blade changes. Moreover, the miter scale features nine positive stops for amazingly accurate cuts every time. Geared toward applications such as framing, decking, chair railing, trim work, and cabinetry, the model 36-255L comes complete with a premium 40T carbide-tipped blade, integrated left work extension, retractable blade guard, dust bag, wrenches, and operating manual. The 36-255L is currently available for approximately $350 ($299 with introductory $50 rebate from Delta).

The new 36-412 is the smaller brother to the 36-412 offering many of the patented features but in a single bevel miter saw. The 36-312 features a front bevel lock with adjustable positive stops at 0º, 33.9º and 45º, a large readable scale, squeeze-release fence, a Quick-action cam-lock miter knob, and a adjustable etched miter scale with nine positive dents for ease and accuracy. A large rear cutout, 15 amp, 120 volt (3,500 rpm) motor, and 40T carbide-tipped blade allows the 36-312 maximum cutting capacities of 7 ¾” for crown molding and 6 ½” for baseboard. Model 36-312 is currently available for approximately $299 ($249 with the introductory $50 rebate from Delta).

The fully featured MS450 12” compound miter saw delivers maximum cutting power with its 15 amp motor pack, extensions, clamp and 40T carbide-tipped blade. The 12” compound miter saw also features a tall sliding fence, extra large dust collection chute and retractable blade guard. The MS450 is currently available for approximately $249 ($199 with the introductory rebate from Delta).


Headquartered in Jackson, Tenn., Delta Machinery, a subsidiary of Pentair Inc. (NYSE: PNR), is the leading manufacturer of the world’s most complete line of woodworking machinery, stationary equipment, and related accessories for use in home workshops, building and construction trades, industry and schools. With its manufacturing operation centralized in Tupelo, Miss., Delta Machinery owns and operates a subsidiary, Biesemeyer, located in Mesa, Ariz.