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New PORTER-CABLE Low Profile Random Orbit Sander Wins TOP TOOL Award

SHOP TESTED - Random-Orbit Sanders
Editorial provided by WOOD Magazine, October 2008 Issue
Written by Bob Hunter with Bob Baker; Illustration by Tim Cahill

"Most 5" models we tested deliver a smooth wood surface in a jiffy, but some leave you in a cloud of dust...

Like doing income taxes or having a root canal, most of us don't cherish the experience of sanding our woodworking projects.  That's why we love random-orbit sanders: They create smooth, finished surfaces quicker than any sander or method...

With its low-profile body and brushless motor, the 390K excelled in every test we threw at it.  It's aggressive without being difficult to control, and produced a flawless, finished worksurface with 220-grit abrasives...

Invest your tool dollars in a smooth operator
Although it costs about twice as much as the least-expensive models in the test, the PORTER-CABLE 390K outdistanced the other sanders in a clean sweep to win Top Tool honors.  The 390K produces near-perfect surfaces after sanding with only three progressive grits, proves free of vibration and control problems, captures nearly all the dust it creates, and features an easy-to-operate on/off switch and speed dial..."

Visit our LOW PROFILE RANDOM ORBIT SANDERS website to view a product video, virtual tour and more!