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Taper Problems

Taper Problems
By Bob Filipczak, Online Editor: Woodworkers' Journal

There have been a lot of questions about tapers lately on the different forums, so we thought we would visit at least one of these discussions. This woodworker had some quartersawn oak that he needed to put a taper on. The pieces were 40" long, ½" thick, and 1 ½" wide. It needed to be tapered down to ½" wide on one side only. The problem he was having happened after he ripped the boards and they bowed about 3/16". So he wasn't sure what to do.

Some suggested band saws and hand planes, but others thought a sled for the table saw would do the trick. The sled would consist of a 40" piece of plywood that rode along the fence. Then he should scribe a taper line on the boards and line it up along the edge of the sled. Then it would be an easy matter of running the sled and trimming the taper with the table saw blade. The first sled advocate suggested using double-sided tape to hold the boards on the sled, but it was concluded that the slightly bowed wood wouldn't lie flat. Another suggested mounting a toggle clamp or two on the sled to hold the boards down.

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