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Yankee's Shop True to Name

Yankee's Shop True to Name
By Kara Gebhart Uhl, Popular Woodworking August 2005 Issue

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Two days on the set of 'The New Yankee Workshop' reveal surprising truths about the way Norm Abram works.

We're lost. I'm trudging through two feet of snow in what looks to be someone's backyard and there's no sign of the image found on millions of woodworkers' television screens every Saturday as they prepare for another half hour with Norm Abram. Where is the blue barn door? Where is the leaded glass window? Where is the iconic "The New Yankee Workshop" sign?...

"We don't use anything because it's given to us," Abram says. "We use what we use because they work. We're going to use the tools we think are best."

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