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Delta X5, 14" Band Saw

Delta X5, 14" Band Saw
Accuracy, capacity and quality for your woodshop
By Tom Hintz,

The Delta X5 #28-475X 14" bandsaw brings an array of features and capacities to the home woodworking shop that may seem familiar. That is because the #28-475X comes out of the box with several features built in that woodworkers frequently added to their saws later, usually at considerable expense. In its basic form, the #28-475X has plenty of accuracy, power and capacity to enhance any woodworking shop. Add a mobile base and the 6" riser kit and the #28-475X takes on a new set of capabilities that make it even more valuable to new or veteran woodworkers.
If you need a bandsaw, or are replacing your current machine, the Delta X5 #28-475X deserves a hard look.

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