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Dovetail Jigs

Dovetail Jigs
By Matt Willard, Associate Product Line Manager, Woodworking

Got the urge to start that dresser you’ve always wanted to build? Maybe it’s a cedar chest for those quilts now that winter’s over. I’ll bet you’re planning to use dovetail joints for the drawers on that dresser. Have you thought about dovetails for the carcass of the chest? PORTER-CABLE® has the right tools to make those dovetails a reality. Three different sizes and seven different accessory templets give you the flexibility to make just about any dovetail joint imaginable.

12” - 4112

Porter-Cable’s 4112 dovetail jig is great for beginners and serious woodworkers. It’s no-nonsense design and high quality parts make it a great choice. Two accessory templets broaden the range of capability on this jig to allow ½” half-blind, ¼” half-blind, and ½” box joints. Now drawers up to 12” tall can be dovetailed using any of these templets. It’s also great for smaller projects like cigar boxes.

16” - 5116

Porter-Cable’s 5116 is the definition of rugged. Its one piece cast aluminum base is machined to a perfect 90 degrees to ensure a perfect cut for both pins and tails. The 5116 comes equipped with a ½” half-blind templet for drawer construction. Its rugged design makes it ideal for mass production in cabinet shops too. If you need extra capability, look no farther. The 5116 has a full range of accessory templets including ¼” half-blind, ½” box, adjustable through, tapered sliding, and 2” spaced half-blind.

24” - 7216

For the perfect combination of ruggedness and expanded capability, check out the 7216 from PORTER-CABLE®. Built on the same platform as the 5116, the 7216 comes equipped with both the ½” half-blind and the variable spaced through templets. And with 24” inches of working spaced to play with, your applications are practically limitless.

With three great choices for dovetail jigs, PORTER-CABLE® has you covered. So, get out there and start that dresser and add the strength to the drawers that only dovetail joints can provide. Or, if it’s a chest for those quilts, add the beauty and charm that comes with variable spaced through dovetails.