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For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More
By Bob Filipczak, Online Editor: Woodworkers' Journal

There are some great tools and shops out there, and you've sent us pictures of a lot of them, but it seems there's something about router tables that really brings out the designers in woodworkers. Some are so beautiful, it's almost a shame to have them out in the shop. This discussion was about a router table someone found on the web, and he included the picture. It retailed for $1,100, and he wondered aloud whether this wasn't a little extravagant.

Others admired the workmanship and generally agreed that the table was worth it because it was so elaborate. But there was no consensus about whether or not this was too much to spend on a router table.

The conversation did give a couple of people the opportunity do a little show-and-tell about their own router tables. One was a beautiful cabinet with a Benchdog top on it. One woodworker bragged that he built his router table for a dollar's worth of screws and some scrap MDF lying around.

So how much is too much for a router table? How much would you spend for your ideal router table?

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