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Lacewood (Women In Woodworking)

Lacewood (Women In Woodworking)
By Bob Filipczak, Online Editor: Woodworkers’ Journal

This one got our attention because we saw some great pieces of furniture at a show a couple of years back made from lacewood. The first woodworker had just found some at a local lumberyard and asked the group what it was like to work with. Now I know for a fact that lacewood is an Australian wood, but I've never actually worked it. The woodworker in question had an 11 foot board of lacewood and wondered about tearout and such.

There was some disagreement about tearout. One woodworker said it wouldn't be a problem but another had trouble with lacewood tearout for face planing. The edge joining, he wrote, didn't create any problems. There was general agreement that lacewood should be finished naturally with Danish oil or something similar. We can attest to the beauty of the lacewood with a natural finish. There was also talk about whether to contrast this with walnut and mahogany.

The real advice came from a woodworker who warned about the sawdust from lacewood. Apparently the dust can create a real skin rash if you're not careful and a respirator is highly recommended. She also suggested a good website dedicated to wood toxicity.

Another woodworker had built a lingerie chest for his wife and did the drawer fronts in lacewood. All told, people were very helpful about their experiences with this wood.

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