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Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made
By Bob Filipczak, Online Editor: Woodworkers' Journal

We've all done it, but most of us aren't brave enough to get on a woodworking forum to admit that we messed up. This brave craftsman, however, courageously xowned up to his recent mistake, mostly because he was still fuming about it. He was making some post office box banks with variegated walnut, zebrawood and bird's-eye maple. Trouble was, he cut all of his pieces exactly ¼" too short. He wrote, "Do I do it on the cheap stuff? No, only on the $10/BF stuff!"

A lot of people felt his pain, and this opened the conversation up to similar admissions by other woodworkers. Some of the mistakes that were described included:

· A guy who was installing an entertainment center while the client was watching. It was 1" too long for the corner, and he had to take it back to the shop and fix it.

· A woodworker and his father were installing paneling on some stairs and had to cut a whole in it for the light switch. They carefully measured and scribed everything before cutting the whole, and they cut it perfectly…facing inwards.

· Another did that same thing with some sheetrock recently.

· One was cutting some rails and forgot to include the extra 3" for the tenons.

It was generally agreed that these kinds of miscuts only happen when you don't have anymore of the wood you've just wasted. And it never happens on cheap wood. One guy wrote, "What you need is a wood stretcher. I'm pretty sure the Acme Corporation sells one. Get a hold of Wile E. Coyote. He has the catalog."

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