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Planer Blades (The Oak)

Planer Blades (The Oak)
By Bob Filipczak, Online Editor: Woodworkers’ Journal

This was a quick conversation about the merits of sharpening planer blades versus buying new ones. The initial message came from someone who wondered if it was more cost effective to sharpen the blades on his 12" planer or buy the new ones at Home Depot for $50 (Canadian).

The first response said that at $1 per inch for sharpening, it would cost about half the price to sharpen versus buying new ones. Then someone said that the blades have two edges that need sharpening, so anything over 40 cents per inch was too much. That person also said a new set of blades shouldn't cost more than $26. So there was a lot of disagreement about how much blades cost, and how much it cost to sharpen them.

But some light shone through the murk when someone explained the merits and cost efficiencies of sharpening your own planer blades. He recommended using wetstones-an India Stone and a Hard Arkansas Stone-to get the blades razor sharp and keep them that way with a minimum of cost and lots of DIY satisfaction.

India Stone

Hard Arkansas Stone

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