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Porter Cable Tiger Claw Recip

Porter Cable Tiger Claw Recip
By Carpenter Magazine

Porter-Cable’s revolutionary new variable-angle model 9740 “Tiger Claw” reciprocating saw not only can squeeze into smaller spaces than the competition can, but you can orient the blade just about any way you want. That’s a blessing for demolition work, cutting openings, notching, and other routine recip chores, especially in tight quarters.

Two quick-release joints located in the tool’s gear housing make all the difference. First, the entire cutting arm swings either up or down at angles ranging up to 90 degrees in 15-degree increments. At 90 degrees, the saw measures just 8 1/2 inches long (not including the blade) instead of the usual 16 inches or longer. Second, the nosepiece rotates 360 degrees either way so the blade can cut in any direction. In fact, you can mount universal-shank jigsaw blades into an adapter included with the tool and rotate the nosepiece while the motor is running for easy scroll cutting.

Due to the complex design of the tool, Porter-Cable had to sacrifice the aggressive orbital cutting mode found on some new recips. Then again, the 9-pound saw packs a potent 11.5-amp motor that delivers 0-2,900 strokes per minute with a stroke length of 1 1/4 inches, so it’s no slouch. Like other high-quality recips, the saw adds a keyless blade clamp and a shoe-release lever that make it easy to change blades and cutting depths. A plastic case is included.
I recently leveled some old outbuildings and cut steel wire and posts with one of these saws. Thumbs up.

about $219-$229; (800) 487-8665 or